Based in New Covent Garden Market, we established a business that specialises in the delivery of fruit, vegetables and sundry items to offices in and around London.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for fruit baskets, fresh produce and snacks soared. We have solidified ourselves as the preferred supplier and are dedicated to picking, packing, and delivering the very best fresh produce to London-based offices and homes 5 days a week.



Why Choose Us?
Plastic Free
Hand Picked
Quality Gurantee
What Our Customers Say
Karen, London
really impressed by the quality, range and freshness of the produce. Really nice to see UK produce included and also no unnecessary packaging.
John, Canary Wharf
Thank you also for the superb quality of your goods and their efficient delivery.
Fiona, London
Fresh lovely fruit and veggies - use them, brilliant
Delivery To Your Office or Home
Monday - Friday
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