We're Here To Answer Your Questions
How do you guarantee freshness?
All our produce is picked and packed at the market, every morning before we start deliveries
Can I choose what goes in the box?
Yes! You can pick all the items individually - we also have a selection of boxes with the most popular produce.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No. You can place a one-off order, or repeat deliveries every week.
What is the delivery charge?
FREE delivery for orders over £16.95
Where do you deliver?
All over London. Enter your postcode here to check which days we deliver to your area.
Are you more expensive than the supermarket?
Our prices are very competitive and we regularly check them against all major supermarkets.
Do you supply more than fruit?
Yes - we stock fresh vegetables, organic bread, pastries, muffins, nuts, dried fruit, milk (dairy, almond, oat and soya) and more.
How do I order?
Our online shop is secure and easy to use - or you can call our office: 0207 622 1695
Can I change my order?
Yes. Sign in to your account on our website to amend your order.
Got more questions?
No problem, contact us below and we'll be sure to get back to you.
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